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Credible Reports 

Everyday home inspectors deliver inspection reports that fail to address issues of concern to incoming owner-occupants.  Often these reports are constructed using boiler-plate concepts and canned reporting systems created everywhere else in North America but in the Lower Mainland, B.C.  Make sure your inspector uses a reporting system that is specifically based upon the unique issues of concern for Lower Mainland buildings.


  1. recognize the unique climatic/seismic/hydrological/soil types we inhabit and that every building exists within its own micro-zones.

  2. recognize that every building is built according to highly localized code interpretations and /or design, trades and maintenance habits encouraged by local building authorities and market forces.

  3.  recognize the importance of our living in a unique seismic zone [information deficits concerning some of the simplest visible structural conditions are common in reports using non-B.C.-based “reporting systems”].

  4. be based on real knowledge of House-As-A-System concepts, knowledge that informs comment upon commonly misunderstood ideas about life safety/human health in houses, gas safety, occupant comfort, envelope technology, drainage etc.

  5. include specific action recommendations that are based on tested repair and maintenance strategies born of decades of real building&maintenance experience.

  6.  include unique customized bulletin material on issues specific to the Lower Mainland.


  1.  report on a buildings condition using  reporting systems originating in Toronto, Texas or Tuscon, thus often ignoring local knowledge parameters and important building functions mandated by local knowledge and the B.C. Codes.

  2.  contain report “Binders” --reams of sometimes useful, sometimes misleading generic material developed in and for other geographical areas [&available as home maintenance guides in many bookstores]

  3. contain reams of photography as a substitute for real analysis.

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