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Some moulds can have health impacts for some people. We all breathe mould spores everyday.

Visible mould in buildings is often an indicator of some combination of poor construction detailing, inadequate building maintenance and/or inappropriate building operation and/or hygiene. Your inspector needs to commence differentiation between these contributors through a thorough understanding of the <house-as-a-system> [HAAS] approach. HAAS is a building science approach that recognizes the ecology of buildings, i.e. the interrelatedness of all building purposes, elements, attributes and processes. Make sure your inspector is specifically trained in this area.

Details related to ground-sealing, drainage, envelope issues, building materials, air sealing, heating and ventilation all impact mould production and visibility.

Maintenance to stabilize or enhance the above building elements and processes must be ongoing and done correctly.

Operation of the building to optimize hygiene and ventilation is not readily understood by all building “professionals”, as proven by conditions we routinely encounter.

Meeting the building code does not ensure a mould-free building.

Media induced mould hysteria masks a lot of real information re: mould populations and habitats.

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