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The Healthy Home 

Some buildings are less than ideal in providing a “healthy” environment.

They can and do impact the health of occupants some of whom who spend up to 80 % of their time inside buildings.

It is estimated that twelve percent of people are knowingly sensitive to the chemical effects of building material components, residues and invasives.

Building materials off-gas scores of chemicals. On top of that users and exterior environments add other stuff into the mix.

Chemical exposure can take a toll on the human body.

CMHC’s Healthy House initiative provides tools for designers, builders, stewards, maintainers, and occupants to mitigate the unhealthy features of buildings.

David Riley has built or altered several dwellings for people with building related sensitivities giving him experience with many of the construction material/ventilation/maintenance/detection issues. The resources below may be helpful.

Further resources:

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