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The Green Home 

Many housing experts believe much of today’s brand new housing will be obsolete within 25 years. The health and energy features of today's average new product is significantly lagging that being produced in many other countries. The real estate industry in parts of Europe now currently rates even re-sale houses for their GQ =Green Quotient.

Whether the Canadian code and industry will follow the lead of those countries is a moot point [although federal housing officials are talking about the “Zero-Energy house” as minimum code by 2030]. What buyers of pre-owned housing need to know TODAY is: what obstacles are presented by any particular building in terms of adding desired energy efficiency and healthy house features.

Although every house is different sometimes an older house is actually easier to upgrade to a higher performance level than a newer home might be.

Early adopters of “R2000” and “Healthy Home” programs in new construction, renovation and maintenance have always received excellent financial returns on their investment in well-executed energy efficiency/healthy housing features. Some futurists are predicting a buildings’ Green Quotient will be the most important equity factor after location not too long from now.

Our home inspections not only consider the building science, code context and overall safety/habitability/durability of buildings: we attempt to provide our clients with useful information in terms of maintaining or adding to the Green Quotient of any building we survey. [click CREDIBLE REPORTS]

David Riley is Building Code certified/ R2000 certified/conversant with current “green” and “healthy housing” technologies especially heating/ventilation/material choice strategies; extensive renovation and re-hab experience including heritage and envelope rehab and Gas Safety [“C” ticket] certified. [click ABOUT US]

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