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Gas Safety 

Inspections by the Gas Safety branch are infrequent during new construction:

Interface issues between the B.C. Building Code and the B.C. Gas Code mean that potentially dangerous conditions can exist in any building, including brand new ones.

Healthy Houses need attention to gas and combustion safety issues. Be sure your home inspector is well-versed in gas safety, ventilation and building code issues. That means real gas training at accredited BC educational institutes not a 5 minute internet training module. Please click ABOUT US

Intermittent low-level carbon monoxide concentrations are not unusual in Lower Mainland homes.  A CMHC survey of 660 Canadian gas heated homes found that over 10% of them showed prolonged venting failure or spillage on at least one occasion during a three month monitoring period.

[click here to read HOUSES SHOULDN'T KILL from the September 2006 edition of the Thermal Environmental Comfort Association newsletter].

All our reports contain regularly updated bulletin material about carbon monoxide detectors.

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