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Earthquake Resistance 

Those of us living outside New Orleans haven’t yet seen the effect of recent hurricanes on global&local insurance costs but we have seen a few things:

1) everyone including realtors and home inspectors in Louisiana was immediately in the crosshairs for the blame industry.
2) the chattering classes in B.C. immediately started talking about earthquake preparedness (for about one week!!!)

To wit:

Using non-local reporting systems, many home inspections fail to discuss often visible seismic factors as simple as how well the building is anchored to the foundation and what comprises a sensible response to same [“best” practice in this area has taken many twists and turns over the years].

Commissioning due diligence that ignores this data is taking on unnecessary risk. IHD always reports on these and other level one seismic factors. We also report on numerous other details that reflect the house-as-a-system and are sometimes not on all inspectors’ radar screens.

Our handout bulletin material is original, extensive, updated regularly and completely targeted to real maintenance issues here in the Lower Mainland. We produce creative solutions and won’t insult our clients by simply giving them weighty but sometimes confusing “reference manuals”.

We’ve just added a three page Attic Insulation Checklist to our reports, covering everything that needs to be done BEFORE hiring the ABC insulation co. to simply dump insulation into open attics.

When you hear “INPECT THE INSPECTOR”---remember---IHD(1976) Ltd. was the Originator of pre-purchase property inspections in the Fraser Valley.

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