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About Us 

History: David Riley: “In the mid seventies I was working in quality building circles and people would regularly ask me to look at renovations they weren’t happy with, buildings they had bought that were full of surprises and problems to which they were getting conflicting responses. While trying to help various people I decided to formalize my commitment to working in these situations and incorporated IHD."


B.A. York University 1969
Solar Engineering B.C.I.T. 1979
B.C. Building Code - Housing B.C.I.T.
Gas Service Technician Kwantlen College
Home Inspection II B.C.I.T.
Gas Service Technician-Provincial Gas Ticket "C" Kwantlen College
Certified Property Inspector (C.P.I.) A.S.T.T.B.C.
Certified Technician A.S.T.T.B.C.
R2000 Certified 1984, 1994
Certified Professional Builder C.B.H.A. 1989
Course:  Innovative Approach to Problem Free Construction Joseph Lstiburek
Building Engineering Corp. 1984
Course:  Practical Building Science Joseph Lstiburek
C.H.B.A. Builders Forums 1988-1996
Related Experience  
  • Contractor, sub-contractor or consultant on over 200 residential building projects from log houses to wood-frame to all steel and concrete structures.  Current provider of technical support to various building managers.
  • B.C. Building Code change proposals 1994, 1996
  • Draft reviewer C.M.H.C.'s 1996 "Builders Series"

Current Member:

  • B.C. Institute of Property Inspectors
  • B.C. Building Envelope Council

Past Member:

  • Solar Energy Society of Canada
  • Western Association of  Property Inspectors
  • Canadian Home Builders Association

IHD now is the longest established Lower Mainland Co dedicated to helping people increase their technical awareness both inside and outside the transaction process.

We are solution oriented, focusing on immediate & long term maintenance issues and objective troubleshooting.

We have hands-on tested hundreds of strategies, products and services to protect the safety and equity of our clients and regularly make this information available to all.


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Independent House Diagnosis (1976) Ltd.
White Rock, British Columbia
Serving the Lower Mainland specializing in White Rock, Surrey, Langley and Abbotsford
Telephone:  604-536-2636